Tuesday, January 12, 2010

We Have Chosen Our Cake

Today was a busy wedding day for myself, MIL, fiance and one of my bridesmaids. We spent the day finalizing some key wedding points to check off on "the list." First up was our baker for our wedding cake!

This is the design both the fiance and I loved. We will tweak the colors. We will add flowers from the florist in the colors of orange and yellow. In place of the white ribbon design that borders the base of each layer, we will have it in hot pink. We will probably add a butterfly to the top of the cake to match our theme (I will go out to Michael's and buy more, even if they are regular price).

Our cake will be three tiers and serve 82 people. We are not planning on freezing the top layer of the cake to eat a year later on our anniversary-that really adds to the serving size. The top layer will be red velvet (groom's favorite), the second layer will be triple chocolate, and the third layer will be lemon. We tasted the flavors and they were wonderful!

Our vendor is Brian with mygoodnesscakes.com, here in Phoenix, AZ. We met him today and he was so genuine, helpful and professional. We trust him to do a good job. He gave us a quote and we will finalize and actually tell him we chose him some time next week.

Things I like about the cake:

1. Square shape! I love square cakes. And square cakes mean more servings!
2. Its simplistic, clean and sophisticated look.
3. The bright colors will really stand out against the white fondant. (We chose white, not colored.)
4. The lemon layer! It's my favorite :)
5. My fiance and I both liked it the most of all the designs!

We only looked at one cake vendor. That's all I (we) needed!

Then we met with the photographer, who agreed to do two engagement photo shoots with us at the request of my MIL. She has great connects and he is very affordable.

I am excited; one of the shoots will be where I originally dreamed of doing our engagement pictures, the Civic Space Park in Phoenix.

It just opened a year ago. It was seconds from the dorm I lived in last year and I fell in love with the space because it is beautiful and modern. Phoenix is the desert, meaning we don't have a lot of grea parks to choose from. The light rail stations are also edgy and cool, and will make for great pictures. We will do the shoot during Spring Break in March. We will also have two photographers at the wedding.

I am surprised at how things are coming together; especially since I thought we would probably have no vendors because of the cost. Weddings are so expensive! Our families have been so, so, supportive and our wedding is really turning out to be a collaborative effort. I am glad, because we can have some really nice things like a fancy schmancy wedding cake, nice photography, and good music.

I'll keep you updated on whatever else we tackle! I'm starting to feel like a real bride. I never thought I would go cake tasting! Lots more details to tell you in the coming days.


  1. Pretty, pretty... I too want a square cake to look kinda like my cake box. I may or may not serve it to guests since I want to have a desert buffet. If I am serving it, it will be three tiers , if not then it will only be 2.

  2. Looks great and love how you are putting your own special unique touches in to make it personal for your big day :)


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