Monday, January 18, 2010

My Next DIY Project

Yay! I thought of another project to do. I am so happy, because it seems easy, it is another craft, and will really make a statement at my ceremony!

I'm going to make my very own....

Wedding fans! I'm sure it will be a hit with the guests because it will be June in Arizona, hello!

I got the idea after browsing a wedding product catalog sent to my home. They were so simple, just nice shaped paper on a popsicle stick. I thought "I could do that." Michael's would have a box of craft sticks somewhere, I'm sure. Then I knew it was a good idea when I presented the catalog to my mom.

Here's where I'm a master manipulator. (Haha, not really). Sometimes, when I want to get validation for a good idea, I'll present information to someone else the same way I received it and let them connect the dots. I showed my mom the fans.

And she said, "We could make those."

And I said "With what?"

"Popsicle sticks?"

"Mom, that's exactly what I was thinking!"

Brilliant, I know. I'm just happy that I have another simple project to do and my mom actually agreed to do it with me. So we got on the computer and started messing around and made the design we will put on them. Can't wait to show you guys! But we will make the fans closer to the wedding date because we don't want them sitting around for five months. I'll show you a mock-up though. Who else is making fans?


  1. I can't decide if I want to make fans or not. I know it will be a good idea since i'm having an outdoor ceremony in August, but I have this really cool idea for my programs but who knows what i'll end up doing. Maybe when I see yours, i'll get jealous and make them too. Who knows?

  2. re: your mom

    sneaky. I love it.

    We want to make fans, too, but haven't found paper thick enough. What are you using?


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