Friday, January 8, 2010

Flower Girl Basket and Other Projects

Just call me the dollar bride. I am a student and broke. But when the craft bug hits, like now on a break from school, I can go find inexpensive ways to fulfill my craving for crafts and add to my overall vision of my wedding day.

Say hello to the practice runs of my flower girl and card baskets. I bought the small pink, heart shaped one for about $1 at a Goodwill.

The hot pink basket will be used for cards, most likely, and was $1.99.

I thought the hot pink one could be used for programs, if my MIL's sister decides to gift them to us. MIL said she would ask her sister to do our programs, because her sister did invitations for her wedding years ago. BUT! In case her sister does not decide to do programs for us, we will use this basket for cards. (I don't think I can make an actual card box. Am I the only bride doing a card "basket"?)I am NOT making programs for this wedding. I refuse. So, either her sister makes them for us or there won't be any :)

Anyway. On to my practice mock-ups of the baskets. I found these beautiful butterflies for $1 each in the dollar section of a Michael's:

I grabbed all that I could. Two pink, and six yellow. I think I will use these butterflies on my bouquet and the bouquets of my bridesmaids. (mine + bms=6). The last two butterflies will go on both baskets, I'm thinking it will look something like this:

Flower girl Basket

I did a bad angle. I swear the butterfly and the flower on it is not that huge. (Ugh, ignore the nacho cheese in the background, lol)

And here is the Card/Program (lol) Basket

On the card basket are all the colors we will use to decorate for our reception: orange, yellow, and hot pink. I was inspired by the Colors of Summer for our reception color scheme. I think the butterflies go nicely with our summer theme, and I look forward to incorporating butterflies into our decor more. I have rekindled my childhood love for butterflies!

I have a lot of silver, glittery letters left over from my bride/groom sign project. So I made a Thank You sign to go on our gift table:

I will also use the left over letters to put the letters "FG" on the flower girl basket and the word "Cards" on the card basket (Ok, so I guess I'm pretty sure we're not getting programs, lol)

What do you think? Was anything too much on the baskets? I was inspired by the stuff you find on Etsy.

And now for my money rant:

Okay, honestly, I bet you could do a challenge to do literally almost all of your wedding decor items for $1 per item. I have found and seen soooo many things for $1: baskets, buckets, ribbon, invitations, flower stalks, tulle, thank you notes and envelope sticker seals with initials, floral gems, etc. Brides out there who want to spend as less as possible, or just want deals where they can afford to skimp, please become friends with the dollar section of stores you go to like Target and Michael's. And the dollar store!

The big butterflies I bought today were a dollar each. They had smaller, individual butterflies regularly priced at Michael's literally two aisles over, for triple and quadruple that! I feel lucky these were $1. That's enough for my rant. Lol.


  1. I really like the thank you sign. I went into Micheals yesterday but didn't see find the silver letters. Is that where you got them? Everything looks great. Good job!

  2. Oh they look great. Love the butterflies! Yes, it is so helpful to find things at the $1 stores/section. I went to Dollar Tree and bought 60 frames for $60 for our table numbers...was so excited! Just takes some grunt work.


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