Sunday, January 3, 2010

Table Themes

So, us modern brides know that we don't have to have table numbers anymore, right?

I mean, heck, why do that? We all know about the table themes of favorite destinations, or tables dedicated to favorite poems/books, or musicians. I even recently read a blog ( where the husband's love of Star Wars has lent its hands to their tables being named after planets from the movie.

I am a minimalist DIY bride. I just finished my invitations (which I did NOT do by myself, btw-the horror!). I'm moving on to my "bride" and "groom" reserved seating signs.

I'm thinking of adding something else. Maybe a theme, albeit an easy one(and maybe sort of lame) for our own tables. Inspiration? Both my name and my fiance's name begin with the letter N. We're having around 11 tables. So I started thinking, what if we did phrases that start with 'N' and pertain to love?

I have a list in my head:

Never Felt This Way
Needing You Always
Newly Wedded
Now and Forever
*Never Separate
Naturally, Yours
No One Else
No I Without You
Near and Dear to My Heart
Nothing Can Come Between Us
Nourish my mind, body and soul

Maybe I could figure out a pretty font and put it on pretty cardstock in our wedding colors. Hmmm.

I even started thinking any bride could do this, with what ever letter. Anyone have an M they need phrases for?

Made for eachother
Mines, Yours, Ours
Mi Amor
Must be Fate
Mr. and Mrs. (blank)
My Heart is Yours
Moments Like This

Or C?

Crazy in love
Comfort in You
Can't Be Apart
Constantly Thinking Of You
Could This Be Heaven

Just an idea! What do you think? Any cool table themes you've come across?

* I had Never Felt this Way twice. Meant to say never separate. Thanks JEM Aqua Bride!


  1. This is a great idea. At my wedding I named the tables after different islands in the Caribbean - my theme was "Caribbean Luxe"

  2. Great idea. BTW you have "never felt this way" twice.


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