Saturday, January 9, 2010

Entering For A Giveaway

Wow, so I'm entering for a giveaway for a cardbox! The gracious JEM Aqua Bride is giving away a handmade cardbox for FREE to a lucky follower in the color/theme of their choice!

She is an awesome bride, and has so many cool ideas. If you liked any of my DIY projects, you'll love hers! Especially her cardbox :) The above picture is her very own handmade cardbox, and it goes perfect with her Tiffany's themed wedding. Isn't it beautiful?

Even if you're not a bride, you could gift this to someone, use it for a birthday party, or if you are a bride and have a cardbox, why not use it for your bridal shower?

Head on over to her blog, and enter yourself for the contest by January 15th. And wish me luck!

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