Monday, January 4, 2010

DIY: Bride and Groom Chair Signs

I am happy today because I did a DIY project all by myself, and it looks great.

These are from my cell phone. Too lazy to break out my camera! Both signs together.

Sorry, for some reason my phone takes pictures really dark. The signs are bright white. I originally bought the plaques from Dollar Tree (!!!) and they were wooden. $1 each. Acrylic Paint was 89 cents from Michael's. (Titanium White from FolkArt). And The bows were left over ribbon from the invitations. Oh, and the ready made chipboard glitter letters, $5 from Michael's for 76 letters.

Love it! It was soooo easy.

Just make sure you have patience to let each side dry. Self explanatory, I know, but my impatience *almost* got in the way. So even if you aren't crafty, like moi, you can turn out some cute things if you plan it right. I'm so excited. I'm gonna keep them in ziplock bags wedding isn't til June and I don't want anything to happen to these lovelies! (Or glitter to get everywhere).

I almost thought about jazzing these up with flowers in our colors. Turned out to be too much for me, but someone out there might take the idea and run with it!


  1. I LOVE the way they came out! I got the same heart plaques from Dollar tree, but I wasn't very happy about the way mine came out....but yours are GREAT!


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