Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Wedding Shoes

Yesterday I went to the mall to kill time with one of my bridesmaid's. At the encouragement of my future MIL, I agreed that now is a good time to scope out sales post-holiday and before Valentine's Day picks up shoppers.

We went into Aldo Shoes and I saw the shoes. They were a beautifuuuul color and would go nice with my dress. I hadn't seen the color before. They are not gold, or silver. I asked the salesman what color they were. He said "They're like between gold and silver. Sort of like a pewter."

Well, technically they are "copper." I found them on their website,

But to me, they are a neutral shimmery color that reminds me of pink without actually being pink. I love them. Not a steal at $69 but not anything to break the bank. I then went to Charlotte Russe and found a bracelet that matches the shoes, and I had to buy it:

This was a steal at $7.50. I am pretty sure I will wear this. Mom thinks its not wedding-y, and I need something delicate. I think it's cool and different. I love costume jewelry. We will see.


  1. Those shoes are adorable and I just love Aldo shoes.

  2. Ohhhh, great shoes! I really like them! My feet are kinda ugly, so I need something with a little more coverage.


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