Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Well, last week when I went to Michael's the cashier gave me some 50% off coupons to use for this week.

So I went in with the intent of getting my last batch of butterflies for the cake, and the gift bags I had eyed that I wanted to use for my bridesmaids gifts. I got exactly what I was looking for, and nothing else!

Here are the butterflies in the package.

And here is one of the butterflies. It is on a pliable wire which will make it easy to stick in all kinds of places (baskets, cake, fg's hair).

I was happy I found this package of 12 butterflies for $4.99. I didn't even see them until the last minute, and was about to buy a pack of 3 small ones for $2.99. Well, these looked way better and gave me variety in color and size. I think I am all done with the butterflies, I should have enough to use them wherever I need them! Once the coupon was applied, they came out to be about $2.63.

And these gift bags came in a package of 13.

There are four polka dot, four striped, and five floral patterned bags. The cost was $7.99 and I had another 50% off coupon so they were around 4.60ish.

They are pictured with the *start* of what will be my bridesmaids giftbags.

I bought the lotion from bath and body works during their after Christmas sale. The scent is Pink Grapefruit and it smells great. I love how it goes with my theme! It will definitely go with the feel of a summer wedding, and citrus is my favorite base for any smell. I hope my bridesmaids like it! I like how I was able to tie that in with my theme :)

I will use the other bags for gifts for my MIL, and her sister who agreed to do the programs (!!!), my mother and any other important women who are helping out with the wedding.


  1. Awwww, I so love butterflies, they're one of my faourite things. I have butterfly everything. It was the original theme for my wedding but Tiffany took over. Micheal's is the best!

  2. love the butterflies. Those are just adorable! I also love your blog! Consider me a follower! ;)

  3. Love the butterflies too. I was looking for some and couldn't find them at my local Michaels :(
    Glad you could and at a good price.


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