Monday, March 8, 2010


So, I don't want to buy anything else for this wedding. NO MORE. I don't want to junk up my wedding with all of these "deals" I've found.

It's time for me to take inventory. So far, a la Dollar Tree/Michael's we will have:

Around 16 or so paper lanterns. Orange, Hotpink, White, and Yellow.
4 bamboo torches.
A basket for the programs.
Bride/Groom signs.
2 shepherd's hooks with DIY pomanders.
A thank you sign for the card table.
I bought about candles in pink and yellow for the tables.
I bought enough materials (gerber daisies and stryfoam squares and ribbon) to make around 5 pomanders (minus the two on the shephard's hooks). Maybe the remaining three will hang around the gazebo)

And my mom and I haven't made fans yet, but there will be fans, in white. AND THAT IS IT! I don't want to junk up my wedding! Sometimes just a few nice touches are enough. I am thinking we will have a beautiful welcome table and cake table. Not to mention I haven't even met the florist guy who MIL is raving about. He is apparently going to make some pretty pieces for the ceremony. But as far as buying a bunch of stuff for every single table to be decked out-I think it is unnecessary.

Now I'm wondering what I'm going to do with the lanterns. Originally they were going to be centerpieces for each table, but if I don't like that, maybe I won't even use them. MIL is not overbearing, but she does not believe in junk. I DO! I can imagine her exclamation of surprise if I don't use the lanterns. We shall see.

Here's a picture of the gazebo and ceremony space again. I'm loving the shade! Everytime we go there, there is plenty of shade. The guests will be thankful! Hell, I'll be thankful. Doesn't it look nice, just as it is?

And here it is, in my opinion, "junked up."

Maybe I am too harsh and critical. But whatever decorations I have better look NICE or I'm axing it. I guess I should make it known that in my family I am known to be an extreme minimalist. I throw things away alot, and with a passion. I hate the idea of junk or clutter.


  1. I agree. It's beautiful. You don't have to junk it up.

  2. Ohhhh, it's so pretty. It really doesn't need anything.

  3. Hi there!

    I read the comment you left on my latest blog post and wanted to respond :)

    I hate that you think that my blog is now closed to you. Absolutely not! As for your question- "Are women of spirituality and faith, in your opinion, solely Christian?". Here is my answer:

    We are a world divided into spiritual groups, in which we all coexist among one another. Whether a person communes with God through prayer, meditates in the state of Zen, practices Scientology, or is a part of the new age movement, most people desire to connect spiritually with a religion, or a practice, that exists {as evidenced by the varrying answers given in my poll}. Above all, I look at the HEART of people - not their religious association, if they have any. I hope this clarifies things for you : )

  4. Sooo excited! Your wedding is going to be GREAT! woot!

  5. I think simplicity is great! The place looks very refreshing as it is


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