Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Bouquets

I didn't realize, until talking to a florist, that bouquets come in shapes. Then I started looking at pictures and started comparing bouquets. And I think I found the shape that I like (images taken from

All of the bouquets I like have orchids and calla lilies. Onto the bouquet shapes I definitely do NOT like.

1. Ones that seem to drape or spill over:

Although this one is pretty once it's held to the side:

2. Perfectly round shape. So boring:

3. Long bouquets, like this all calla lily one:

4. And this one, I had never seen before. It reminded me of an octagon:

I know I do not like bouquets that have only one sort of flower. I think two bad examples of those (for my tastes) are purely peonies, or purely calla lilies. I have no clue what my bouquet will be like yet. Hopefully orchids are in season because I love them! Although my birth flower is a rose. Maybe we'll mix those in there.

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