Friday, March 26, 2010

The Wedding is Bejeweled

Originally, I was going to get around to doing a post about the accessories I decided on for my Bridesmaids. I ended up getting Pearls for My Girls.

Here they are:

They are a light pink and are meant to not drape but be just around the neckline. I'm sure there's a term for that but I'm not sure what. Would you believe I found these beauties at Burlington Coat Factory? Bride on a budget gets an A+ for that one!It looks so pretty when I play around with all five sets. (Sorry I'm too lazy to take pics).

All of my bridesmaids seemed happy with the idea. I guess they're just glad they don't have to wear those jackets I almost bought them. Lol! But the pearls are lovely.

Now, here are my jewels. I just found them yesterday. I love how allowing plenty of time for the wedding has allowed me to just get things as I go, instead of having to make a mad rush for anything. I fell in love with this set:

18 karat white gold and swarovski crystal in *pink*! I feel so pretty with it on, even in a white t-shirt! This is my camera phone. My sim card on my camera is acting up.

**I managed to get the below picture off my actual camera.

The pictures don't do it justice. It looks so clean and the white gold is just as dazzling as the pink gems. I am happy that I'm super excited about my jewelry, something I didn't even really think about and actually thought would be kind of boring. It makes up for the jitters I someteimes still get when I think about my pink dress. IMO, this jewelry wouldn't look right with a white dress.

Anyhoo, next I just have to get a veil! And then lingerie for under the dress! And then maybe I'll be done with this whole shopping-for-a-wedding-thing! (And maybe a bracelet since I will not be wearing the other one I brought now that I have come to my senses.)

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    and your jewelry looks lovely!!! getting excited!


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