Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Surprising The Groom Getaway Style *Update 3/6*

I have been thinking about getting a chauffered car for our getaway, and surprsing my fiance with it after the reception.

I know I can afford to rent a Lincoln Town Car for an hour with a chauffer:

But I really want a Rolls Royce:

I called around and know I can get the Lincoln for an hourly rate of $55-72. The problem is I'd have to figure out where are we going to go. Straight to the airport? To a hotel? To our new place (once we have one, lol?) Idk. I haven't even seen a quote for the Rolls Royce but I know it's out of my league.

*Update: So, I found a place that will rent a 1961 classic Rolls Royce for $270. That is the price of the two hour minimum. I will have to see if it goes down closer to the date. I'm glad I found this, since the fiance thinks that Lincoln Town Cars are more for business execs!


  1. A Rolls would be so much fun. We haven't decided what our getaway ride will be yet. I guess the quality of our ride is directly related to how much money we have still about a month before the wedding.

  2. The Rolls would be super cool! Mr Fix It wanted to get some luxury sports car that I think he said rented for like $1500 or something. I laughed my a$$ off at him! We are not even getting any transportation at all since we are only driving from the venue 5 minutes away to a super close hotel. So we will be kickin' it old school style in my 2003 Toyota Highlander :)

    Hope the town car works out for you...that'd be fun!'s a crazy funeral homes. I once heard that some of them have their own limo/car services and they are much cheaper than the typical rental service. ???

  3. OMG Born to be Mrs. Beever...I will look into that!


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