Saturday, February 6, 2010

BC Experience + E-Pic Outfit #1

Hey guys! I couldn't wait to try out Maricopa Beauty College and I am excited to tell you that it went really well!

I went last Saturday, as a walk-in. They forewarned me that Saturday was their busiest day, so I lugged all of my books there(included my Shakespeare anthology that ofen elicits the question: Why are carrying the dictionary around with you?) I expected a long wait.

I told them I wanted a wash, deep condition, and to put in a few tracks. (I normally don't wear extensions, but I had a small amount of hair left over from when I did a pageant back in Nov.).

I was surprised when they saw me RIGHT AWAY, even though the place was might packed. A very sweet girl with fiery red hair named Lizette took care of me. She washed, deep conditioned, blowdried, braided in my extensions in the back, and flat ironed, and shaved the ends of my hair. Ooh, la la.

And how much did this all cost? $23!!! Seriously. TWENTY THREE DOLLARS! I was soo happy. And I was sold. Now I could be like all the high profile girls at my university who go to the hair salon every week if I wanted to- for a fraction of the cost!!! But I'll just go every other week :)

Here's a pic of my hair a week later (I need to flat iron it, but it's still pretty good. Excuse the face, please!)

It blends tremendously well when I actually brush it. I regret that I was lazy and did not take a picture last week when it was fresh. I hate pictures!

Needless to say, I have an appointment scheduled with the same girl who did my hair for Friday the twelfth. She will wash and deep condition, and I'm gonna have her make it extra curly. My hair holds curls pretty welll and I'll just touch them up over the weekend for V-Day. And I also told them to put me down for my eyebrows, nails with overlays, and a pedicure.

Hope you guys can follow my initiative and try out a beauty school near you! Hopefully it turns out well. It might be worth it try some cheap hair trials for your wedding day ;)

And moving on. I work at a clothing store, Wet Seal. They have been my favorite supplier of trendy clothes since I could shop for myself at the age of fourteen. I was on the hunt for my Valentine's Day outifit at my job yesterday and we just got this new dress in. Had to have it! I will definitely be wearing it for our engagement shoot in March.

With my 40% discount I couldn't pass it up. But, it's still pretty affordable, at only $27.50 regular price. You can see it for yourself at the website here

I also bought shoes for Valentine's Day that I think I could wear with the dress at our shoot(Not sure if I will though).

I got them from my store on clearance for $15. Not to mention their clearance is almost always "But One, Get One for a Penny." I got my shirt for Valentine's Day along with them. Either way, I def. will wear them for V-day. I'm sooo excited for the holiday!


  1. Love the shoes and your hair came out great too!

  2. cute! the hair, the outfit, the shoes, the price! so proud and happy for ya!

  3. Lovely! You have an award waiting for you over on my blog :)


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