Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cake Guessing Myself

I meant the title to be a play on second guessing myself about cakes. *cough*

I went back to the cake baker's website. And I remember even as I was leaving the cake tasting that day, there were so many designs I was in love with. How could I be in love with the original one I chose?

If we're spending a few hundered dollars on a cake (even if it is a gift from a lovely family member) shouldn't it be the most extravagant looking one we're getting for the price?

This cake just screams elegance. I love the variety of designs on the different layers, it is visually appealing:

This cake is luxurious, especially in person. I love that weird ribbon thing it has going on. Beautiful.

This cake stole my heart when I first looked at the website. It's just so simple and unassuming. Humble. Like you would think "Wow, look at this couple. They're doing all the right things. They're in it for LOVE, not to show off some fancy pants dessert."

It reminds me of one of those backyard weddings people only blog about where the atmosphere is cozy and loving and not trying to impress anyone.

But then look at this:

Don't you just love it? It screams wedding, tradition. Ahhh, how could I ever decide? I wish someone would just pick for me. Would you? Tell me which one you like best. (FYI the first pic in this post was my second choice for a cake)


  1. I really like the second one. It's different and you can use just about any color ribbon or flowers. Simply beautiful.

  2. lol at *cough*. ahh high school.
    i like the second one too. when you change the ribbons and flowers to your colors it'll be absolutely beautiful!


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