Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dollar Tree Aisle Decor

I was reading My Dream Ring and was reminded of how much I love Dollar Tree. I ran over to see what they had and got some AWESOME items to use for the ceremony decor. I need to stop buying things! But its so cheap, how can I say no?

Here's what I got:

Four 4 ft bamboo torches. Woohoo! I decorated them with the flowers I bought last spring from Dollar Tree. They really go with the summer theme of my wedding, and I hadn't even thought of them before! We will probably light them once the sun sets. And fyi, it does not come with oil to burn you have to get it elsewhere (I'll let you know when I know)

Two 42 inch Shephard's hooks. Pictured here it is seen hanging what is the beginning stages of my DIY pomander that will be on it. (BTW, is it still a pomander if it's a styrofoam square and not a sphere?)

I only bought two because I don't want to go overboard. But believe me I could have bought like eight of them! The aisle is pretty short, so I can skimp on decorations. But that doesn't mean this ceremony decor hasn't got me really excited.

And a I bought a fan-because it was pink!-to keep me cool. It's small enough to fit in my whatever purse I use for the day. I wish they had black fans for my bridesmaids! I'll go back in a few weeks.

I couldn't help but snap a few pics of these for any brides out there who may be doing a nautical theme:

So cute! The boat frames would be awesome for table numbers. The figurines would go well on a welcome table.

And because I never showed you (because I can't get a decent picture with my real camera either!) here's my DIY invites. The border is a shimmery silver, it features a bow, adhesive gemstone, and then adhesive pearl. We packed some in silver envelopes, some in plain old white. The bows were handmade by my bridesmaids and I and then super glued on. People were really impressed with them! My sis said she thought I went to a printing shop. All envelopes were sealed with silver "You're Invited" circular stickers.

Anyway the other things I got from dollar tree, not pictured: two more lanterns (I bought a bunch in the summer; they came back!), two Princess Tiana bathbooks to gift to my flowergirl, and a miniature display easel in silver to hold up my "Thank You" plaque on the gift table. If this doesn't inspire you to go to Dollar Tree, I don't know what will. You can visit their website here: www.dollartree.com

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