Monday, May 17, 2010

Say Hello to Our New Photographer

Laura Sokol Photography out of Mesa. I found her on Craigslist last night at a great deal. For this beautiful work? Yes, please! All pictures taken from her blog here.

And a baby shot:

We have moved on from our original photographer due to horrible customer service and mediocre pictures. Finding this woman was a blessing, my fiance and I decided to go with her and she is a FRACTION of the cost of our other guy. I am ecstatic. Good things can happen unexpectedly!

Why we went with the first guy? The urging of my MIL. She was only trying to help, but I don't think she is hip to the new wave of wedding photography that is out there and becoming the new standard. He did not have a website so we were just going off of trusting MIL. This work blows his out of the water, and the work of any other local photographers I've seen. She was so friendly. I think she will be a big difference from our engagement shoot guy. Another reason why E-pics are good is you get a feel for your photographer and get to honestly see the work they do with YOU.

She asked so many important questions right off the bat of talking with her, like if there are special ceremony moments she should be aware of (sand ceremony), if we prefer her to stay rooted in one spot during the ceremony to not distract the guests (hell no, girl, go anywhere you want to)and also she was interested in viewing our wedding website. How sweet! Less than a month to go and we changed photographers. It's all good, I couldn't be happier.

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