Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bachelorette Party

So, I can't wait until the day I get the word (or perhaps invitation) to my own bacheleorette party.


The weird thing is, I can not imagine other people planning something for me. Part of me feels like I won't have one. My BM's don't all know each other. Who's planning it? Do they even talk to eachother about it? Maybe I'm anal but I wish I could plan it myself.

It's not fair! Haha. But whatever. I'm thinking about my schedule, and we are having the wedding on a Saturday. Friday night will be the rehearsal. To be honest, I don't think I want to go "out" to party the night before my wedding. So I'm going to spread the word that whatever my girls want to do that includes going out, we do it on Thursday night. That way, we can recuperate and not have to worry about being tired/cranky on THE BIGGEST DAY OF MY LIFE.

My wedding is actually the first one many of my bridesmaid's are going to be apart of. Actually, scratch that, all of them are bridesmaids for the first time in my weding. And none of them really go into wedding stuff. I wonder do they know that brides now adays have bachelorette parties where there's (sometimes) invitations sent to the bride? And a theme involved? And games? But maybe I'm getting it confused with the bridal shower.

Anyone else a little controlling and wish they could just take charge of it themselves?


  1. I'm definitely with you. I think i'm going to organize it myself. Tradition be damned. I don't even have to call it a bachelorette party, just a night out with my girls before I get married. We can have dinner first and then just go to a club after and have a blast.

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    Have a great weekend.



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