Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flowers on a budget-Thanks Mom and Dad!

While at my parents house today, I had a stroke of brilliance. My mom and I were talking and I brought up the fact that some brides and their families specifically plant flowers a year or so before a wedding so they can use them in their wedding.

Then I realized we could use the flowers in my parents' yard for the wedding!

White, light pink and hot pink oleanders. Look at these babies, taken from my camera phone in my parents yard:

We have about six or seven HUGE bushes of these flowers. I would use them for the bridesmaids, and then buy light pink and white roses to mix in, especially for my boquet. And it will be free! And when we actually picked a few to play around with:

I have been waiting to hear from the florist my MIL had a connect with but he seems so flaky and uncommitted. I am over it, and I don't want to shell out any more money, even if it isn't my own. My mom loves the idea, my dad takes care of these flowers and I know he would be filled with pride that he was the supplier.

These flowers hold up in Arizona heat, so it's all good. And we can make our boquets really full. The colors are perfect! We'll add some ribbon, and a few other flowers from boquets we'll buy from the supermarket. I'm excited!


  1. What a brilliant idea. How come you didn't think of that before? Always look to what you can harness for free first. Haven't you learned anything? LOL

  2. They're gorgeous! And you'll save hundreds, that's awesome :)

  3. Haha JEM! I never thought of it before because this was the first year my dad didn't cut them all down. Apparently they grow fast and drop everywhere. And Amberdawn, that's a huge plus in my book!


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