Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feaured On Our Photog's Blog

Yay. A sneak preview of some of our pro pics for you guys.

Check it out here

And by the way, she murdered our last name but it's okay. Lol!

Monday, June 28, 2010


The photog will send a cd and then I can do recaps. I got the photos back today and am happy with them. Of course it took a few hours and other family members to see them for me to feel okay. I initially never like pics of myself, and then later on love them.

Don't worry! They are fine. And my recaps are going to be pretty low key, just like my blog. My profile pic is one of the pro-pics, but I had to do a screen shot and all kinds of cropping to get it because I couldn't save it on my comp which is why it is so small if you click on it.

JEM, and Ivy, you're like the only ones waiting to see these anyway. Lol!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dedication to Him

I'm dedicating beautiful love songs to my hubby and sending them his way. Something to do habitually. Try it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Some Pictures I love

Not sure when our pictures from the pro will be coming in. Can't wait to share with you, so I thought I'd show some pictures to you while we wait.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

We did it!!!

Here's a teaser. We did it! The weather was *PERFECT*! Can't wait to tell you guys more about it. This is a pic after my dad walked me down the aisle. I'm spending two nights at a resort with the hubby and we'll honeymoon later in the summer so I'll probably post recaps soon (when I get them from the pro).

Thanks for all your wishes! We all must have prayed really hard for that weather to be so beautiful. Ta ta!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Things We Did/Are Doing

It's getting down to the wire. I've been at work nearly every day this week and last week, on top of doing a writing internship from home that requires ghost writing, on top of trying to finish a complete short story for me and my buddies to review...It's due tomorrow...yikes!

Anyway, we got our marriage license on June 2nd! I love how all of these meaningful
things are happening in my birthmonth. That's right, because my birthday is Monday, the 7th! 21 baby!

Amidst all the craziness, here are some things we did this week:

-Got marriage license
-Bought my wedding night/ week lingerie
-Finalized program info with aunt who is doing them
-Photog/song lists
-Bought serving materials/water bottles/soda cans
-Bought room smell enhancer things because I feel like our venue has an 'old building/home' smell
-Bought torch fluid for the bamboo torches that will go in the ceremony yard

Just for fun I thought I'd give you some lists of things we still need to do:

-Book the hotel for the wedding night!!! I am super excited about this one.
-Groom hair cut (next week)
-Pick up tuxes (no jackets for the groomsmen because it is so freaking hot) next week
-Get my extensions in (again, I took them out last week)
-Get my nails done next week


My sister is still throwing my bachelorette, and I think it's for sure on now because she is actually in contact with all of my bridesmaids. I am excited, and glad she will be getting help. I told her I don't need anything extravagant, just something.

**Side note, I see why people use clever invitations for their bridesmaids like: Thank you for being my bridesmaid! Here are some of the things I am thankful you will be doing for me:
Being a strong support system
Be honest with feedback
Wear a matching dress of your own style
Plan and help throw my bachelorette party
Help plan the most important day of my life

Lol. It's a cute way of directly being like "Here, this is what I expect from you."

That being said, only two of my bridesmaids are in AZ right now. My sister, and one of
my high school friends. I'm still waiting for my third bridesmaid to arrive on Sunday, the next on Monday, and my oldest sister wednesday evening. I think the brunt of family arrives Thursday. I love having this many guests to look forward to.

And I have a huge, HUGE surprise for you on the wedding day. Like, I hope you don't call me a "sell-out" for it. But I'll keep quiet until we get photos and you can see for yourself in the re-caps. (This is probably a pretty good hint. Any guesses?) But I'm also not good at keeping secrets of my own, so I'll probably tell you before then.

Next week! I can't wait!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Song List Request

I'm really into 90s R and B and hip hop. So that explainst this list. Our friend is the dj, I sent him this list that he was nice enough to ask for. I also said no sexually explicit/grinding songs. I mean that's self explanatory, but still. Don't take things for granted! I do not want to hear "sex therapy" at my wedding, even though I love that song. Lol!

Here it is: (Keep in mind my fiance is doing his own list, and I'm sure that he will cover up to date stuff, and the dj is still going to play some of his own things as well.)

Ceremony Music

Pretty Wings-Maxwell (It's sooo pretty, even if it is about breaking up. I guess I justify it by saying someone had to set my baby free so he could find me!)
Ordinary People-John Legend (love ain't a fairytale, ya'll)
By Your Side-Sade (LOVE!)
Still Ray-Raphael Saadiq (Soo sweet)
Tell him-lauryn hill (Gotta have my girl somewhere)
Ride of Our Lives-Jon B (From helpless romantic album. It is a breathtaking song, to me)

WHEN BRIDESMAIDS WALK DOWN: Play “No One Else” by Amel Larrieux so then the bride can walk down to it too.

Reception Music

FIRST DANCE: “Like a Star” Corrine Bailey Ray

Think of you- usher
Oh My Gosh-Usher
This is how we do it-montell jordan
As-Stevie Wonder
Isn’t she lovely-Stevie wonder
Ain’t nobody-chaka khan
I feel for you-chaka khan
I know you, I live you-chaka khan
Put your hands where my eyes can see-busta rhymes (clean/edited)
Feels good-tony toni tone
Green light-john legend
So fresh/so clean-outkast (edited/clean)
Do for love-2pac (edited/clean)
Don’t talk-jon b
You know what’s up-donnell jones
Upgrade you-Beyonce
Get me Bodied-Beyonce
Single Ladies-Beyonce
Waiting for tonight-Jennifer Lopez
Love Like this FATMAN SCOOP REMIX-faith evans
Timbaland featuring Magoo & Fatman Scoop - Now Drop
I can love you-mary j blige ft. lil kim
I can transform ya-chris brown
I get it in-omarion
Jumpin’ jumpin-destiny’s child
Gimme the light-sean paul
Get busy-sean paul
Beat it-Michael Jackson
What about us-total
I like to move it-don’t know who made it (song from Madagascar movie, lol)
Oh Sheila-ready for the world
No Matter What they Say-Lil Kim (edited/clean)
Candy Rain-Soul For Real
Don’t Leave Me-Black Street
No Diggity-Black Street
If I Was Your GirlFriend-Nicole Ray
Pass That Dutch-Missy Elliot
One Thing-Amerie
Vivrant thing-q tip (yes, ‘vivrant’)
Breathe and stop-q tip
The good life-kanye west
Million Dollar Girl-Trina, Keri Hilson
Never leave you-lumidee ft busta rhymes and fabulous
Headsprung-ll cool j
Pretty Girls-Wale

Passing me by-the pharcyde
The Light-Common
Love of My Life-Erykah badu ft. common
Bag Lady-Erykah badu
Crazy-Gnarls Barkley
NO Letting Go- Wayne Wonder
Pimpin all over the world-ludicrous
Bonita Applebum-a tribe called quest
Umi says-mos def
The people-common
4Ever-Lil Mo
Before You Walk Out of My Life-Monica
Human Nature-Michael Jackson
Right Here-SWV
Beautiful-snoop dogg ft. pharell Williams
Paradise-ll cool j ft. amerie
Keep ya head up-2pac (edited/clean)
I’m still in love with you-sean paul
Pulling me back-Chingy ft. tyrese

Slow Songs

If I ain’t got you-Alicia Keys
Michael Jackson-Butterflies

....I'm lacking in the slow songs department. LOL!

I encourage you to look up some of these on Youtube. I had a ball, because once you look up one song on youtube you'll be reminded of a million others you loved. I think it's a good way to come up with a suggestion for your dj. Any song suggestions? Especially slow ones?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photography Request List

This is a working list I'm putting together to send to the photographer. She requested it, and I am glad she did. Feel free to borrow it to get yours going! I am adding to it, and arranging it constantly but I think it makes sense so far. Let me know what you think.


Inanimate Objects:

Hanging dress with shoes and jewelry
Bride's Bouquet
Bride's bouquet with bridesmaids bouquets
Groom's suit/shoes/boutonniere
An invitation
Bride and Groom's rings
Cake/Cake table
Close up of a table centerpiece
Card Table
Program basket
Food buffet

Spaces: (please take pictures with no one in them)
*these would probably look best with “effects”
Groom’s dressing room
Brides’ dressing room
Reception hall
Ceremony yard (people will probably be in this, that is fine)

Pre-Ceremony Activities

Bride getting zipped into gown by mother
Bride getting make up done by Mother in law
Bride looking into mirror
Father fixing groom’s tie
Groom looking into mirror adjusting tie
Bride either in doorway or something else so you get a silhouette


Expectant groom
Flower girl and ring bearer
Individuals of all (5) bridesmaids walking up the aisle
Bridal party wide shot
Shot up the aisle at us exchanging vows
Bride and groom walking down the aisle

After the ceremony:

Bride and groom with both sets of parents
Bride and groom with grandparents (only groom’s side will be present; his grandfather + wife, and then one single grandmother)
Bride with mother
Bride with mother in law
Bride with father
Groom with father
Groom with father in law
Groom with mother
Bride with all bridesmaids
Groom with all groomsmen
Groom picking up bride
Bride with junior bridesmaids and flower girl
Groom with ring bearer
Bride and groom with ring bearer and flower girl
Bride and groom with entire bridal party
*If time allows, bride paired with each bridesmaid.

Bride and Groom

Abstract photos of bride and groom near the front gate/doors/steps
Bride and groom alone under gazebo
Groom dips bride as if dancing (a recreation of a photo we took at our prom)
Hands displaying rings shot
Individuals of us (Bride with bouquet)

The Pink Bride

Thanks for visiting!