Friday, June 4, 2010

Things We Did/Are Doing

It's getting down to the wire. I've been at work nearly every day this week and last week, on top of doing a writing internship from home that requires ghost writing, on top of trying to finish a complete short story for me and my buddies to review...It's due tomorrow...yikes!

Anyway, we got our marriage license on June 2nd! I love how all of these meaningful
things are happening in my birthmonth. That's right, because my birthday is Monday, the 7th! 21 baby!

Amidst all the craziness, here are some things we did this week:

-Got marriage license
-Bought my wedding night/ week lingerie
-Finalized program info with aunt who is doing them
-Photog/song lists
-Bought serving materials/water bottles/soda cans
-Bought room smell enhancer things because I feel like our venue has an 'old building/home' smell
-Bought torch fluid for the bamboo torches that will go in the ceremony yard

Just for fun I thought I'd give you some lists of things we still need to do:

-Book the hotel for the wedding night!!! I am super excited about this one.
-Groom hair cut (next week)
-Pick up tuxes (no jackets for the groomsmen because it is so freaking hot) next week
-Get my extensions in (again, I took them out last week)
-Get my nails done next week


My sister is still throwing my bachelorette, and I think it's for sure on now because she is actually in contact with all of my bridesmaids. I am excited, and glad she will be getting help. I told her I don't need anything extravagant, just something.

**Side note, I see why people use clever invitations for their bridesmaids like: Thank you for being my bridesmaid! Here are some of the things I am thankful you will be doing for me:
Being a strong support system
Be honest with feedback
Wear a matching dress of your own style
Plan and help throw my bachelorette party
Help plan the most important day of my life

Lol. It's a cute way of directly being like "Here, this is what I expect from you."

That being said, only two of my bridesmaids are in AZ right now. My sister, and one of
my high school friends. I'm still waiting for my third bridesmaid to arrive on Sunday, the next on Monday, and my oldest sister wednesday evening. I think the brunt of family arrives Thursday. I love having this many guests to look forward to.

And I have a huge, HUGE surprise for you on the wedding day. Like, I hope you don't call me a "sell-out" for it. But I'll keep quiet until we get photos and you can see for yourself in the re-caps. (This is probably a pretty good hint. Any guesses?) But I'm also not good at keeping secrets of my own, so I'll probably tell you before then.

Next week! I can't wait!

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  1. I can't think of what it could be. Did you change your dress to a white one? Anyway I can't believe it's so close. I'm so excited for you.


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