Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photography Request List

This is a working list I'm putting together to send to the photographer. She requested it, and I am glad she did. Feel free to borrow it to get yours going! I am adding to it, and arranging it constantly but I think it makes sense so far. Let me know what you think.


Inanimate Objects:

Hanging dress with shoes and jewelry
Bride's Bouquet
Bride's bouquet with bridesmaids bouquets
Groom's suit/shoes/boutonniere
An invitation
Bride and Groom's rings
Cake/Cake table
Close up of a table centerpiece
Card Table
Program basket
Food buffet

Spaces: (please take pictures with no one in them)
*these would probably look best with “effects”
Groom’s dressing room
Brides’ dressing room
Reception hall
Ceremony yard (people will probably be in this, that is fine)

Pre-Ceremony Activities

Bride getting zipped into gown by mother
Bride getting make up done by Mother in law
Bride looking into mirror
Father fixing groom’s tie
Groom looking into mirror adjusting tie
Bride either in doorway or something else so you get a silhouette


Expectant groom
Flower girl and ring bearer
Individuals of all (5) bridesmaids walking up the aisle
Bridal party wide shot
Shot up the aisle at us exchanging vows
Bride and groom walking down the aisle

After the ceremony:

Bride and groom with both sets of parents
Bride and groom with grandparents (only groom’s side will be present; his grandfather + wife, and then one single grandmother)
Bride with mother
Bride with mother in law
Bride with father
Groom with father
Groom with father in law
Groom with mother
Bride with all bridesmaids
Groom with all groomsmen
Groom picking up bride
Bride with junior bridesmaids and flower girl
Groom with ring bearer
Bride and groom with ring bearer and flower girl
Bride and groom with entire bridal party
*If time allows, bride paired with each bridesmaid.

Bride and Groom

Abstract photos of bride and groom near the front gate/doors/steps
Bride and groom alone under gazebo
Groom dips bride as if dancing (a recreation of a photo we took at our prom)
Hands displaying rings shot
Individuals of us (Bride with bouquet)


  1. Awww, it's so cute that you went to prom together.
    I also think that you should get one of the table all set up with linens and glasses etc. It would be nice to get one of each piece like shoes, dress and jewelry as well as all of them together.
    Other than that, I think your list is pretty much what I would want. Your wedding is so close now. I'm so excited for you.

  2. This is helpful, thanks! I didn't think about the "bride in the mirror" shot, and I love those! I might have forgotten about that.

  3. Thanks JEM, good ideas! I will definitely add that. Glad it helped Amberdawn. I posted this right before I read about what happened to Mrs. Beever over at her blog "Thoughts of the all consumed bride". Yikes! These lists should come in handy.


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