Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wedding Party + The Ceremony pt 1

I'll start this off with some fun group shots pre-ceremony. When it came down to it, we had to rework our groomsmen attire. We opted to go without jackets. Yaaaay for organization and sticking to the original plan! Lol. It still looked nice though.

I was happy with the way my bridesmaids looks all turned out. Remember they all got to choose their own black dress and shoes. I provided the jewelry.

Here is a close up of the bridesmaid's bouquet. A high school friend got some good shots so I will be intermingling some of those in with my actual photog's shots.

Guests started to arrive at around five.

And after I completely became a nervous wreck, and we thought about hiring a backup officiant, our officiant the groom's grandfather arrived.

And the ceremony began! Here is the group lined up:

And down the aisle (not pro-pics right here, and not pictured in the order they came down)

This is my little brother, can't you tell? Lol

And the kiddies

My groom waiting for me

Dad gave me a kiss good luck.

And then it was our turn

MIL crying.

And then we were seated. In case you forgot this was an Islamic ceremony and it is common practice for the bride and groom to be seated.

And the vows began while everyone looked on.

*There was a seating of the mothers. I have to find those pictures, the photographer didn't catch that because I told her to be back with me during that time.


  1. Beautiful pictures! You look gorgeous, and I love your bouquet.

  2. Oh wow, Iearned something today. I didn't know couples sat at an islamic wedding. Your ladies looked great and the boys were hot.


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