Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Details

If you remember, I made a list of things I wanted photographed for the photographer to go by. It helps. Now, because of the unpredictability of the day, all of my requirements were not met. I blame that on me. But as far as inatimate objects, she got photos of everything I wanted! I have more pictures than posted here, but these should give you a good idea. And also, keep in mind we only paid her for service of three hours. She offered to stay longer, but I wanted to respect her time and ushered her away once the three hours was up. So, we got quite the variety of pictures for such a short amount of time.

The Cake

This was a semi-DIY. We ordered the cake from the cake baker, and then bought items ourselves to decorate it with. We had a florist who agreed to fix it up himself. The butterflies and gems all came from Michael's. The florist supplied the flowers. We had the cake arrive at 3pm and when the baker showed up to deliver it, my first words were "It's three already?!"

Ring Shots

My Bouquet

Head Table Center Piece

Welcoming Table inside the Reception Hall

This was cute, and something I didn't have to stress about. There you will see a framed photo of the groom's parents at their wedding. And our quintessential prom picture, the photo that pretty much was famous in our families for representing us. Lol! It was housed in my mother-in-law's living room before using it the wedding day. I also had up there a miniature broom as homage to African American tradition, and our invitation, our guestbook, and a gift to us: a photo people could sign of us.

The Invitation, a DIY project:

The sand ceremony in place. I was at a loss for how to jazz this up, so, here it is. Lol:

The ceremony space (I made the pomanders you see hanging from the gazebo)

Reception Hall

The Food

Our friendor made tons and tons of Mexican food that we served buffet style. We got lots of rave reviews about the seasoned beef. I was too tense to taste anything, so I just believed everyone else when they said how good it was. Lol!

More to come later.


  1. Great. I really love the cake with the butterflies. And the ceremony site was so pretty.

  2. wow.....everything came out great! I especially love the cake, the pomanders you made and your bouquet.
    I'm having a taco buffet.... =)


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