Saturday, July 17, 2010

Recaps Pt 1: Getting Ready Plus More

Here is the first part of recaps.

I found this dress the week before my wedding, and I hadn't even planned on switching it. The pink dress was never my favorite after time set in, but I gave up hope looking for a dress. Then I saw this dress, in my size, at the right price. It was meant to be!

And by right price, I mean next to nothing. Lol. Here are my shoes and jewelry:

My bridesmaid Chanel and I slept the night before in a hotel before heading to my mother in law's to get my hair and makeup started. I did not want to worry about me, so I wanted to be first to get eveything rolling. Then Chanel and I went to the weddding venue and set up shop in the bridal suite at noon, when we got access to it. We were the first to arrive.

Then from noon to four, we just chilled. All the bridesmaids arrived at around one or two and we all got ready, one by one. Then my mom arrived and we finished with my makeup and getting me in my dress.

I look stressed because there was definitely something that threw us all for a loop. Our officiant, my husband's grandfather, is up in age. Still independent, but sometimes to his own detriment. The wedding started an hour late because he got lost and his car broke down. Doesn't that sound out of this world? So that explains why I have faces like this getting ready:

And here are more pics. Makeup was done early in the morning and then it was finished/touched up right before the ceremony, done by my mother in law:

And then my mother helped me into my dress. I asked everyone to leave the room.

Then some group shots:

I actually had my girls put lotion on me and help me into my shoes. Lol! What do you think? I'll be doing recaps all this week, so stay posted.


  1. I knew it, I knew you wore a white dress. I feel that every bride should wear the dress that she feels her best in whatever color or style it is.

    You looked so lovely.
    P.S what happened to the blog design?

  2. I changed it because I was worried it was messing with my format for comments. A lot of people suggested I take it down.


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