Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here is THE DRESS!!

I brought this dress in July. I had followed bride timelines, and they said I should buy my dress 12-9 months before the wedding. These timelines were given to me by search engines.

I bought the dress online for a great deal. It came in the mail, and I loved it. Then I put it in a gown bag, which now sits in my closet.

As time has passed, little agonizing thoughts have started popping into my head. They are as follows:

Why did you get a pink dress?

Why didn't you just wait for white one to go on sale?

You tried on white dresses, nothing looked good, and they were all overpriced.

Why should you wear white? Because someone says so?

Remember when you saw Jennifer Lopez in that goooorgeous light pink gown years ago in a photo...You were only a kid...but you said you had to have a dress like that? Well, here's your chance.

Its probably the only day you could wear a big white dress and now you won't even do it.

Will I look like the energizer bunny?

Your mom and your bridesmaids loved the dress, especially when you tried it on. They wouldn't lie to you about it.

It was affordable. You didn't want a ceremonial wedding in the first place. All you need to do is relax, look good, and have a good time. No one's expecting the bride of the century.

You wanted the dress to be pale, pale. It's not the exact color pictured online.

Oh well.

(End of thoughts.)

Thinking about all of these things, I don't regret going for a colored dress. I hardly have regrets about anything, because it's so hard for me to make a decision, and when I do it's usually what I want. So maybe I'm just doubting myself for no reason. I don't regret buying it online, because I would never have found a unique, affordable dress in a bridal store. I only regret listening to this imposing bridal dress timeline. I change day to day, let alone a full year after purchasing a dress. I always scour the site, hoping I don't find another dress I love equally and wishing I would have gotten that one.

In all, I'm a little insecure. I do love the dress. And my skin is pretty dark, so even though the dress is not as pale as I would have hoped, maybe it will have the same effect on me?

Welcome to my world of stupid, girlish concerns. Don't laugh too hard.

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  1. Thats a gorgeous dress! I can totally relate with your thoughts! I am indecisive too and in the process of getting my dress altered, and having doubts. Oh well. We'll see where I end up :)


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